10 SEEDS to 200 ACRES

Obsession can lead to many destinations, and there is a fine line between passion driven by fascination and delusion driven by daydreams.
Our obsession is rye and its distinctive roots in New York.
Our exploration led us to the discovery of Horton Rye, a singularly unique variety whose origins date back to 17th century Rye, New York. But you can’t just find these seeds online or at your local market. Our journey began with a seed bank and a devoted New York farmer.
We were entrusted with the sum total of 10 seeds of Horton Rye in 2010.

The result of this dedication and teamwork is an audacious experiment, and a rare, dynamic and remarkable whiskey – one as notable for the process behind it as for the elements within it. Each batch is barreled at an entry proof of 115 to maximize flavor, and each bottle comes from a single barrel at cask strength, crafted and captured especially for the enjoyment of those whiskey lovers as obsessive as we are.

From those 10 seeds in 2010, with a near perverse level of patience and persistence, we now oversee an annual harvest of 200 acres of Horton Rye in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. That’s enough rye to distill and age hundreds of barrels a year. Enough rye to make a long-term commitment to Horton Rye, an heirloom, for future generations to savor and share. Enough rye to play by our own rules.

  • 10 seeds to see if this heirloom variety could survive in modern conditions.

  • 10 seeds to see if we could create a viable crop.

  • 10 seeds to reveal a flavor profile that hasn’t been tasted in over a century.