Jaywalk Heirloom Rye is the epitome of obsession in pursuit of flavor.
More than a decade in the making, Jaywalk is the result of a singular focus on rye whiskey and resurrecting a grain varietal rooted in 17th century New York.
Bold and defiant, our mission is nothing less than to put New York rye back on the map, to restore its spiritual home with a whiskey that matches the energy and creativity of the city it calls home. 

We don’t make rye because it’s a fad. We make rye because we are compelled to.

To honor and reclaim its history.

To celebrate its distinct characteristics.

To extract and enjoy its flavor through attention to every detail.

Do we have to do things this way? 
No, but we make our own rules and know that sometimes, when you want to be purposefully different, you may have to break a few of someone else’s rules along the way.
You have never tasted a rye like this before. No one has. Until now.

About Jaywalk Heirloom Rye Whiskey from New York Distilling Company.
Jaywalk Heirloom Rye Whiskey uses a grain varietal rooted in 17th century New York.